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Meanwhile our economy is sliding downward. Millions of our precious jobs have have been exported overseas. Our social safety net and other public services are being cut. Our middle class is rapidly disappearing and the numbers of citizens existing below the poverty line is increasing dramatically.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Behind the Wheel.....A Pair of Tragedies

Fasten Your Seat belt!

A Swedish driver who was allegedly caught driving 180 mph in Switzerland is facing a record-breaking speeding fine of more than $1 million.

The driver was caught on a highway between Bern and Lausanne in his sports car going about two and half times above the speed limit. Police say it took the driver "over a half a kilometer of road to come to a halt." The 37-year-old reportedly blamed the speedometer.

The current record fine, held by a Swiss citizen, stands at $290,000.
Copyright Time contributed to this report.

And "One More For the Road"... Gulp!

Is Life Sentence For Man Convicted of Ninth DWI

Texas District Attorney Says Punishment Fits Repeated Crime

Aug. 13, 2010

The ninth conviction was the breaking point for one Texas judge who earlier this week sentenced a habitual drunken driver to life in prison.

Bobby Stovall, 54, was driving his truck in Round Rock, Texas, in early July when he weaved through several lanes of traffic and hit another vehicle, injuring the driver. It was later determined that Stovall had a blood alcohol concentration of .32, four times the legal limit in Texas.

And while that DWI was certainly enough to get Stovall in trouble with the law, when the judge found out the defendant had eight prior DWI convictions across several different counties in Texas, he ordered up a life sentence for Stovall.
"This is someone who very deliberately has refused to make changes and continued to get drunk and get in a car and before he kills someone we decided to put him away," said Williamson County District Attorney John Bradley.

Bradley said that in addition to the multiple DWI convictions , Stovall also had a extensive rap sheet for other crimes, including burglary, credit card abuse and supplying alcohol to a minor.

"He basically walked through the penal code for the past twenty years without any regard for safety or society," said Bradley. "In every single one of his cases he had an opportunity to change."

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  1. Assuming responsibility for your actions takes on a new meaning in these two tales of woe.


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