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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Rookie Road Builders Cause Nine-Day Traffic Jam That Panics Beijing

Nine-day traffic jam stretches over 100km

From: NewsCore
August 23, 2010 6:35PM

MAINTENANCE work, wrecks and broken down cars caused a nine-day traffic jam in China that stretched for more than 100 kilometers, Chinese daily newspaper The Global Times reported.

The traffic jam, on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway between Beijing and Huai'an, began on August 14 when thousands of Beijing-bound coal and fruit trucks jammed the roadway.

A major cause of the congestion was maintenance work on the nearby National Expressway 110, which had suffered damage from heavy vehicles.

The roadworks work forced drivers to use the Beijing-Tibet Expressway instead.

Coupled with several minor accidents and broken down cars, traffic has now been stranded on the expressway for the past nine days.

The traffic jam is expected to last for almost a month with maintenance work on the National Expressway 110 not due to be finished until September 13.

Drivers were reportedly playing cards to kill time on the roadway.

Residents who live along the roadway were reportedly profiting from the traffic jam, selling food to stranded drivers at inflated prices.

"Instant noodles are sold at four times the original price while I wait in the congestion," one driver told the Global Times. "Not only has the congestion annoyed me, but also those vendors."

Others joked that concerts should be held along the roadway to keep drivers entertained.

About 400 traffic police are on duty by the roadway to maintain law and order.

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  1. True, the Chinese do have a mess on their hands... It comes with the territory guys. They have a lot to learn about traffic.

    Roads have been jammed up in New York City for 70 years. There is a giant mess in Los Angeles every day... it stretches to San Diego.

    At least the Chinese can buy some lunch while they wait in their cars. If it keeps on going...they may need bring in some porta-potties.


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