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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Military Personnel, The Perfect Guinea Pigs

Military wants to know if tests broke rules on human experiments
From Charley Keyes, CNN Senior Producer

August 3, 2010 8:25 p.m. EDT

Washington (CNN) -- The Department of Defense inspector general is investigating whether medical tests on wounded U.S. military personnel may have violated government rules on human experiments.

The research focused on traumatic brain injuries and whether an over-the-counter dietary supplement might be a possible treatment. The number of brain injuries from improvised explosive devices and other battlefield blasts has soared in recent years in fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Boston Globe first reported the investigation on Tuesday.

Tests were conducted on approximately 80 service members, according to Maj. Tanya Bradsher, a Pentagon spokeswoman. Researchers were examining the effectiveness of an antioxidant called n-Acetylcysteine for treating mild traumatic brain injury, Bradsher said via e-mail.

A complaint was received in May last year and concerned "suspected research misconduct by a U.S. Navy captain and physician who had served in Iraq," according to Bradsher.

The supplement is available at drugstores and online and according to advertisements has a variety of uses, including treatment of Tylenol overdoses.

A brief mention of the investigation is made in a report about various inspector general investigations that is posted on the inspector general's website. According to the report, a tip prompted the investigation.

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  1. Our servicemen and women are not Guinea Pigs. Testing any substance on some unsuspecting soldier is a despicable act. Service personnel are not the property of the military or other government employees. They are not their pets and are definitely not their laboratory animals.

    People that institute these tests improperly need to be prosecuted for assault like any other criminal. It is wrong to line soldiers up in the desert to test the effects of nuclear weapons, it is wrong to sneak them hallucinogens to watch their surprised response and it is wrong to test medications on them.

    Any form of testing without knowledge or consent is a violation of an individual's rights.


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