My name is Patrick M McCormick and I have created this blog as a platform for my political views as well as those of select contributors.

I believe that American Politicians have lost sight of their goal: To uphold the Constitution and protect the rights of the people of the United States. They argue and bicker on the floor of their respective houses, positioning themselves for the next election, while they accomplish very little business for the citizens of this country.

Meanwhile our economy is sliding downward. Millions of our precious jobs have have been exported overseas. Our social safety net and other public services are being cut. Our middle class is rapidly disappearing and the numbers of citizens existing below the poverty line is increasing dramatically.

I plan to examine the causes of these terrible changes to our American way of life. Your comments will help us all arrive at some important conclusions.

Friday, September 3, 2010

This I Strongly Believe

I started this blog on August 3, 2010. I did not create it to be an ongoing commentary on American politics and other news oddities, but it has become that. Strange things happen when you stumble along life’s path.

Over that past few weeks, I have received many emails of encouragement as well as inquiries into my personal politics. I am extremely grateful for the positive feedback. I would also like to offer this explanation of my political beliefs.

I am an American citizen by birth. I am an honorably discharged veteran (1969). I am a staunch supporter of the US Constitution and its Bill of Rights. I believe most strongly that a well insulated Separation of Church and State is in the best interest of all Americans. I love Free Speech. I am a gun owner.

I am not specifically a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent. I am all, and I am none, of those things. I have voted Republican, Democrat and Independent over the years.

I believe in the equal rights of all men and women. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness are some of those rights. I believe that my rights extend freely to a point where they interfere with your rights. It is at that point, we need Government Supervision.

We are a Government of the people. That means the people own the government and the government can claim no ownership of US. Because of this, elected office holders and all employees of it must serve the needs of the people totally without question. Those needs are in the areas of Defense, Trade, Health, Finance, transportation, Utilities and Employment. I concede that they need to tax us, fairly, to provide service in these areas.

Above all things, I am an American Patriot. I demand my rights and I would be willing to fight for yours. It is what I am and I am proud of it.

Patrick M McCormick

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